We are not alone. There are other women out there who, for the sake of their art, have left the bathroom tiles unscrubbed. Meet other mums at work


The birth of her son, Thomas, inspired Bridget Strevens-Marzo to write Toto in Paris, Toto in Rome, and Toto in Spain. Her daughter, Ella, awoke even more ideas and Bridget now contributes to children's magazines like Pomme d'Api in France. Her latest book is Kiss, Kiss! about a wandering baby Hippo, published in New Zealand, the UK and Australia by Little Hare.

Web design guru Robin Williams - not the actor - became "very good at being poor" as a single mother of three. At one point Robin used her graphic skills to design video cases for porno films. She "traded graphics for theatre tickets, for dance lessons for my kids, for books". Her journey has led to a book Web Design Workshop , a bible for aspiring web designers. The only thing that has remained constant in her life is the state of her house - which is a real mess.

Children’s book reviews by a Hertfordshire school teacher whose initials are M.A.D. Mrs Mad used to love snorkelling and cross-stitch but since having twin daughters, she’s given those up for reading – and running her excellent review website!

While the good housewives of this world are cleaning the rubberseals around their fridge doors with non-abrasive cleaners, Ellen Landersling is living up to her reputation as domestic slacker extraordinaire. Semi-autobiographical comic website by Ellen Wecker Slingerland

Melissa Hill left the highflier's life on Wall Street and the city to change nappies and write a book: The Smart Woman's Guide to Staying at Home .

Mother of three Emily Patrick is a much garlanded artist who paints life as we mums know it. Sneakers on the table, fresh faced children, a basket of unironed laundry, a chair draped with teatowels.

Fiona Bird, mother of four (!) and ex master chef finalist, is passionate about cooking and she has set up this website to demonstrate how cooking not only brings the family together, but keeps mum happy and sane.

Mothers who sing - or dream of singing - should check out this resource for the singing mum.

How cool are you? Nobody can be as cool as skateboarding mum Barb Odanaka, founder of the International Society of Skateboarding Moms! Skateboard Mom is Barb's ode to motherhood on wheels.

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