FEATURE F irst there were the Versace safety pins, and now here she comes with a four month old baby and a flat tummy. Liz Hurley is not making herself popular with us mums. But ...

Why we should all be like Liz Hurley

"How women must hate her."

The husband was sneering at a photograph of Liz Hurley dangling from gym rings in spectacular gravity-defying stilettos.

But it was not the foot high stilettos that prompted his disdain, nor even the spectacular PVC swimsuit which will take its place in fashion history next to the celebrated Versace safety-pins Hurley wore to the opening night of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

It was the revelation of Liz Hurley's shiny new, flat-tummied, super-toned figure - four months after the birth of baby Damian Charles.

The brief caption somewhat snidely reported that Hurley achieved this on a diet of brown rice and steamed fish.

Should we hate Liz Hurley for having a flat tummy?

Well, although one's first instinct is to glue the photograph to a chopping board and spend the afternoon attacking it with a meat cleaver, I don't think we should hate Liz Hurley. We should congratulate her.

Indeed, we should all try to be more like Liz Hurley.

As a model, Liz Hurley's currency is her face and her body. Now, she is a single mother. She has done well to pursue the thing that defines her most. She may have had a baby - but she has not lost herself in the process.

We should all do the same. We should never forget that, before motherhood wonderful though it may be, we were individuals with our own personalities, interests and talents. Motherhood can be so overwhelming that many of us forget who we were. So instead of enhancing our identities, the babies take over.

Why should we hate Liz Hurley for achieving what she wanted to achieve? We should embrace her because she is now one of us. And just like us, Liz Hurley is going to be wiping small people's bottoms for the foreseeable future.

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