When do you find the time to do all this?

I find the time because I want to. And because I passionately believe that other mothers should do it too. I believe that mums (and dads, for that matter, but that's another website) should nurture their creative lives because rewarding as parenting is, it has a tendency to suck out all the wonderful things that went into being you before you had kids! I often joke that my children are neglected because of my hobbies, but it's not true. They are thrilled about what I do. They are proud of me. As for neglecting my husband, that's another story. Do Email me with your comments, I'd love to hear what you think.

How do you make the time?

The secret - at least for me - is to do it NOW. I know many mums who say, I'll just wait until the baby is out of nappies, or I'm just waiting until the house decoration is finished, or I'm just waiting until the youngest is at full time school. To these I say: NOW is the only time. Because if you wait for one thing to happen, another thing will get in the way. You also have to get used to putting your needs first. So if there is a little window of opportunity while the baby is napping, don't load the dishwasher, do something for yourself (be it reading, singing, painting, dancing). If the kids are engrossed in a late afternoon movie, don't try to finish ironing that last load of washing, go do your thing. Anyway there will be more washing and ironing tomorrow. Just do it. Now. Email me and tell me you're gonna get on with it.

Why don't you write about child care and tips on housekeeping?

Well, I'm no expert - you should see the state of my house and the unwiped snot on my children! Besides, there are already loads of websites about child care, parenting and housekeeping. But there are very few devoted to the creative life of mothers, and this is my focus (either that or I don't want to reveal my lack of expertise in things domestic).

Why is Mum at Work an associate of Amazon and what does it mean?

By signing up to become an associate of Amazon, I am able to display a list of the latest books on motherhood and parenting along the side of the website. Visitors can click through directly to Amazon to buy these books. Amazon gives Mum at Work a small percentage of any purchases made by clicking through the site. When I first signed up, I saw this as a way to support the work I do on the site. However, so far, absolutely nobody has clicked through to shop on Amazon! (Except of course for me and my husband - we click through to get the percentage back on our Amazon shopping!) I have been thinking of putting a little notice saying " help my site by clicking through to shop on Amazon" but I'd rather have people read my site than shop on Amazon. Does the Amazon association bother you? Would you use it if I said it would help support my site? Email me here.

Is Mum at Work a commercial site?

The only thing commercial about the site is the Amazon link-up, but nobody seems to use it as I explained above. It would be nice to earn something to make all the effort worthwhile but I don't want to do anything tacky. When I have more time, I might consider merchandising my cartoons but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. If you think it's a good idea, I'd love to hear from you. Email me here.

But do you make a living?

No! I do not earn any money! I'm a housewife. Which means I get paid in children's growth inches, hugs, cold coffee in bed, and cereal box sculpture! I would like to make a living someday though. When I grow up - or when the kids grow up, whichever comes first - I want to write books for children. And I want to get paid to do it. I do write for kids now, but only for a very small though fiercely loyal market that happens to live with me. Part of the reason for running this website is to keep writing. I am afraid that if I stop, I'll find myself sitting stock still in front of a computer with nary a creative thought. And then what am I going to do about my dream? What do you want to do when you grow up? Email me!

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